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Having plans for developing a marketing idea? Need some quick tips about real estate? Look no further. Here you will get some really good tips regarding marketing for real estate agents and how to generate higher number of real estate leads from the top real estate agents. From the bottom of the ladder to the top of the shelf – here there is just about everything required in order to kick start marketing and real estate campaign. Clients need a trustworthy realtor to trust you with their real estate investment.

Tips for Help:

Generate the hottest leads using online marketing platforms. Most realtors have been reporting that around 92% of the buyers actually buying real estate product, use the internet as their primary source of information. This fact should be exploited to the best of ability. Internet can be a huge source of business with a lot of positive scope and this just proves it. Some online facilities cross hundreds of billions of visits each month and are able to generate a lump sum commission from it.

For all the marketing for real estate agents, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of commercial ideas which have a real appeal. It is extremely beneficial to know exactly what sells hot with the public. Real estate business does have an emotional angle to it as most buyers tend to show an emotional attachment to property. This fact should be noted and very well exploited. Agents should be able to give a fairy tale like picture. Not only facts but sometimes stories too should be made up for the benefit of the business.

Using video clippings of real estate properties is a solid idea that can be put to good use. It can get even better if these clippings and videos are really attractive and engrossing. This can be achieved by making them funny and giving a light hearted warm angle. These videos can prove to be really useful as funny or meaningful clips are extensively shared over social media and may end up with someone (or many ones) that are actually the targets for the business.

Advertisement is a major player. Try to get hold of some big platform for advertising your business. Small platforms are not so profitable. If not the best, aim for the second best but never consider the lower ones. Ads are not as costly as they say and that cost could be easily balanced by the business they bring in.

Text message marketing has become a major factor which should be taken into consideration. It is in human nature to forget what they see unless they have a copy of it and they actually read it. Naturally people forget what they saw on the street the other day. Neither do they keep any record of the contact details nor do they remember the names. But instead of that, if they get an SMS furnishing all the details of what is out there then chances are that they can consider it seriously and give a thought.

Similar case happens with email marketing. Email marketing proves to be a more formal platform than text messaging and should also be given serious thought.


All these tips come in handy when the marketing for real estate agents are serious and focused on their target. Staying focused is a virtue one can never ignore. Stay focused, take the right steps and work hard – nothing can stop the run of success.

 August 22nd, 2016  
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Marketing for Real Estate Agents – Strategies that Still Work for Ad Campaigns

Marketing is not easy for real estate agents as much it used to be at one time. With more and more competition, the rules and mediums of marketing have also changed. Many realtors are finding it impossible to stay on top of the game and closing down shop almost every day. In order to survive in the real estate market today, you need to use innovative strategies and trust in yourself as well as your abilities. Although many strategies are becoming redundant fast, following are some that work still for advertising campaigns. Here are some suggestions a local Vancouver SEO company suggests:

Gather email ids

Keep a contact or feedback form where users have to send their name and email address apart from the feedbacks that they send. Also use special software apps in your website to note down email ids of each visitor who comes in. This will help you to send them email updates of the kind of work that you do and how you can help them in buying or selling real estate properties. This is an easier and affordable way to market information to prospective consumers.

Promote your business through self-made videos

Self-created videos can help you to market your properties and yourself in an effective manner. While sales aids made by professional companies can be useful, they can be quite costly depending on which agencies you are going for. With self-made videos, you can use your innovation and creativity as an entrepreneur and make an impression with prospective customers.

Give away freebies

Few things can attract potential customers as much as freebies. You can hand over a coupon, let them subscribe to your video channel or send a PDF via mail. These things never lose their charm and make clients interested to find out what you have on offer.

Make instructional videos

You can create instructional videos to make prospective customers know how to buy the best properties for themselves. Once you are able to promote yourself as a type of authority in your domain, you can have clients sit up and take note of what you have on offer.

Write descriptive blog posts or articles

You can also try writing blog posts or articles describing each of the properties that you stand to represent. But you have to be unique and write informative posts, so that clients can get the information that they need before sale or purchase.

These strategies still work great and can put you over other real estate agents striving in the competition.

 June 14th, 2016  
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Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons for Your Business

Bluetooth beacons are a new way to send alerts and personalized messages to consumers and visitors to specific places. These are being widely used in theme parks, restaurants, hotels, IT agencies and various other places for easier transmission and receiving of data. These make use of low power Bluetooth technology which allows seamless communication with multiple Bluetooth-supported and compatible devices at the same time. If you are considering using BT beacons for your business, these are some smart ways to go about the process.

Choose beacon systems as per your location size

There are smaller Bluetooth beacons which are useful for stores, restaurants and IT companies. But if you have a bigger organization or facility, such as an airport, shopping mall, university, manufacturing plant or conference hall, it is better to choose larger beacons which come with Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi radios, that allow easier transmission of status and data and receiving of updates to and from a central management database or console just like large data systems. Some of these also consist of dedicated power connections which take out the requirement for lithium batteries. However, this involves installing electrical wiring in numerous spots – which is a slightly laborious and expensive affair.

Replace when needed

Bluetooth beacons can last for a long time of around 2 years, and need only a change of battery or server. Generally, batteries within beacons can be replaced easily. In some cases, however, it is more affordable to swap out a sealed beacon instead of disassembling it for replacing the battery. Batteries having removable covers are also more tamper-prone, which is exactly why sealed units are preferred more. Opt for replacement when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, a change of battery can be enough to ensure continued operations.

Go for affordable beacons

The prices for BT beacons tend to vary across the spectrum. Usually, you can get these devices in the range of $5 – 30. The costs tend to vary on the basis of the kind of batteries that are used, the signal range of the beacon, the general lifespan or longevity of the battery and a number of other factors. Although there are costly beacons to be found, you need to look for affordable varieties which offer no compromise in terms of functionality. A wide variety of manufacturers are bringing out BT beacons, and some simple online research can help you to know which ones are the most affordable for your pocket.

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6 External Factors That Affect Real Estate Tremendously

Real estate is hailed as one of the most remunerative sectors of all, especially now in West Vancouver. West Vancouver realtors claim that it makes a lot of difference if you have the acumen and the awareness to know which property to buy or sell and when. There are certain factors, however, which are beyond your control. There is very little that you can do about them. These elements are controlled by further other happenings like changes in the socio-economic situations, politics, and world trade amongst several others.

Here is a list of six external factors that tremendously affect your real estate investments.

  1. Interest Rates: Interest rates are decided to keep the economy going and to avoid stagnancy. The interest rates and pricing of the real estate property are inversely related to each other. If the pricing is high, it is generally found that the interest rates are low.


  1. State Laws On Rents: The rent control laws vary from state to state. They also get modified from time to time. If the state laws are very strict, the buyers will generally be hesitant in investing in that area.


  1. Various Taxes: There are several taxes like municipal property tax, speculative tax, property purchase tax and capital gain tax are some of the taxes that directly affect the real estate investor. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, overbearing charges can make your profits seem sour. This is one external factor that is crueler than the others.


  1. World Economy: if the economy is on the boost and everyone is making money in their respective sectors, real estate investments automatically go up. it has been often observed that economy plays a huge role in determining the realty business’ success or failure. When the economy is good, people are happy and wealthier. This encourages them to invest more money and feel safe about it. In a dying economy, people are very apprehensive about making any investments, let alone those in real estate.


  1. Political Factors: Politics also affect the demand and supply of all markets and this involves real estate too. Political policies can have a huge bearing on the prices of the properties. If the policies make it difficult or overtly expensive to buy properties, there will be a decline in real estate investors.


  1. Current Perspective: Then there is the way public thinks at any given moment. Buying and selling property is also a trend governed by how people feel at a given moment.
 March 11th, 2016  
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Unaffordable Real Estate Prices In Richmond

The high price of real estate in Vancouver is all that anyone can talk about says Eddie Yan, a Burnaby realtor.  It’s a number that continues to climb, leaving many wondering how they’re ever going to afford a house.  There are new buyers coming into this large city all the time, but not many people have pockets deep enough to handle the sky-high prices that the sellers are asking for.

Richmond is no different.  It, too, is finding the prices are astronomically high, one that that can be calculated in a statistical rise in price of over 10% since this time last year.  This is a large increase that many assumed would fall after the holiday season ended and everyone got back to business on a tight budget and trying to keep afloat.  Instead, the prices in Richmond, along with all of the other segments in Vancouver, BC, continue to climb and climb.

The only other place in Canada with this problem is Toronto, ON, a city that – like Vancouver – is booming with jobs and people.  As the population rises, sellers offer their homes at higher rates in order to meet the demand.  There are plenty of people selling and plenty of people buying, but the price is the determining factor that lead some people to have to walk away from a house sale because they were outbid by someone else with deeper pockets.

Richmond is seeing many of the same problems as Toronto, with people coming to view the house and having to walk away empty handed when someone else makes a better offer on the home that they both were dreaming of.  It is an unfortunate situation that cause many to rent long term instead of investing that same money into a home that will benefit them over time.

While the rest of Canada is watching the prices continue to rise, no one seems to be able to predict when they will fall again, making it a strangely additive spectator sport that is all over the news and online as people talk and gossip over when the rising streak will finally break.

Those looking at real estate in Richmond are finding that, if they aren’t beat out by competitors looking for the same home, the prices are simply unaffordable, so that even if they are able to consider buying the home, the fees and mortgage is enough to force a lot people into foreclosure if not worse.  The prices make buying a house completely out of the question for many people that are on a tight budget that is right at the bottom of the market.  As mentioned, someone will just cone out of left field and outbid you on a modest house that you finally can afford and put in an offer on.

If you are one of the desperate customers searching for somewhere to live within the boundaries of Richmond, you are hoping, odds are, for that rising streak to finally crack in the not too distant future.  For the time being, your market will be very small and the houses you may find yourself looking at are much smaller than you think money should buy.  The main question to think about right now is how much can you stretch your upper limit in order to put an offer on the house that won’t be rejected, or to look at a home that meets your standards better and is one that you can put an offer in with a good chance that it will be accepted.

As the days stretch on, more houses are going on the market and being snapped up by the top 1% that can afford to live in the homes that many cannot.  This is causing a housing crisis for the rest of the citizens in Richmond and Vancouver in a general sense that are searching for a place to live until the real estate price drops down to a more reasonable price.  The answer that everyone is searching for, however, is: when?

 January 28th, 2016  
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4 Strategies for Content Marketing for Concrete Contractor Companies

With more and more home owners opting for making beautiful patios, driveways, buildings, pavements and decorative structures around their home, concrete contractors are more in demand today. Consumers look for experienced companies with reasonable quotes and ability to deliver high quality work within limited time period, and the right marketing strategies will help you to get the attention of such customers. Here are 4 content marketing strategies which would be effective for the success of your business.

Article marketing

Although many article directories are being regarded as spam, some of them are still quite functional and regarded as authority websites by search engines. With informative articles offering high quality information on relevant topics, and containing URLs of your website and social account pages, you can get a loyal follower base which can be transformed into potential customers. With regular flow of content, you can establish yourself as an expert and build brand awareness – making people feel eager to get what your business has on offer.


Do not simply settle with a text blog. Take your blog marketing strategies to the next level with podcasts, vlogs, eBooks and infographics – all of which are samples of varied types of content which can be used for promotional purposes. Video blogging is quite popular too, and video content from different brands and individuals in FB news feed has also gone up by 3.6 times every year. With vlogging becoming more popular, and videos becoming easier to share, you can use videos to target your clients easily.

Social media shares

It goes without saying that you should include social media shares into your content marketing efforts. You should use your own business channels on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share great content. Post and repost great content with links to your business blog or website. Publish high quality images and videos related to your past and upcoming concrete projects, to make potential customers feel confident about going with your brand.


These are digital audio files which are made available widely over the web to download into portable MP3 players, smartphones, tablets or computers. Podcasting has long been a part of content marketing strategies and is regarded as quite powerful in making an impact. With podcasting, you can easily communicate your marketing message to a wide section of consumers. You can distribute these freely via your emails, blog and RSS feeds.

 December 28th, 2015  
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